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In our first video you will be led through some life changing tips that will get you on track for feeling and sounding great as a musician. 

The five topics we get deep into are:

*Morning Routine

*Challenge Yourself

*Take Risks

*Speak Through Your Instrument

*Make Music First


Jamie's Music Campus

“Being a musician for me has always meant playing together and spontaneous interaction with friends. When those moments were taken away, instinct and creation took over, and the campus was founded. Jamie’s Music Campus is a space for anyone to enjoy.” 

Prof. Jamie Williams

Jamie’s Music Campus is the place for musical development, coaching for professionals and for those who aspire to have a successful career as a musician. Since 2009, traveling to many countries for teaching and performing has brought an awareness that we all share so many similar challenges. Once teaching and giving masterclass online became a necessity in 2020, the creation of this digital learning space was realised.

Teaching students at a Bachelor and Master level in Germany is basically having a group of incredible people that are carefully chosen. This group becomes close, like family or team members. It’s similar as in a professional orchestra in the fact that it’s multi cultural and selected from the best, except most people have their guard up in the real professional world. The safe place as a learner is more welcoming for mistakes and openness. Breakthroughs happen more often because breakdowns occur more regularly.

Professional actors, athletes, and business professions all have normal opportunities to take part in coaching programs in order to make improvements in self esteem, focus 100% in the now when it needs to happen, and just someone to help them get through a challenging phase. Overwhelm is a common sensation so many musicians feel. The fear causes shakiness and being scared to really open up and play with that inner child just glowing like a shining star seems more and more far away.

We offer a safe place in our mentorship program for exactly what you need. If not, then our mentorship program is not for you, but feel free to enjoy lots of content that our coaches and mentors will share. In Berlin, we a so lucky to have world class musicians who have failed time and time again, but made it to where they are because of reaching out for some help. Top musician psychologists, international soloists, and world renowned professors are excited to share their inside view on helping people to get where they want to be right here on Jamie’s Music Campus.

Finally, living a life as a husband, father, teacher, colleague and everything else is what brings happiness, fulfilment, and sense of purpose. Helping other people to live their dream as a musician is an amazing bonus that started many years ago. Sharing successes and struggles openly is what helps one to see clarity and move forward. Imagining real positive change, speaking about it, then doing it step by step is the way to success as a musician.

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Helping people to believe in themselves and to realise what real potential they are made of is what we do every day. Knowing and liking is important, but building mutual deep trust in each musician we work with is necessary for the process.

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